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Our Digital Marketing Competencies - Catapulting Online Businesses to New Heights of Visibility & Success

Aided by effective digital marketing strategies, we at TIS-India have what it takes to help your brand peak success. We help you design digital marketing strategies and campaigns that are ROI based and are known to generate leads and usher in customers across multiple digital platforms.

Digital marketing is all bringing your brand in front of those who matter to your business – i.e. your target audience. We believe that excellence is the most important virtue and hence deliver the best online marketing campaign strategies that your brand needs to thrive over the digital space.

Offering you bespoke digital marketing strategies that suit your business size, the revenue it generates and the targets it intends to accomplish in the given span of time is what remains to be our prime motto.

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Organic reach, better traffic, more revenue!

To attract the eye of your target audience, your brand needs to top SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This ensures that a good chunk of the searchers online now become your customers. To make this happen, our digital marketing strategies enable you to lift your brand higher on the SERPs.

This not only ensures more traffic inflow and better CTRs, but it also helps you generate more revenue, which after all is the main motive of digital marketing strategies. Our designated team of SEO experts make sure that your brand stays ahead of the curve by constantly monitoring changes in the search engine algorithms so that necessary tweaks are implemented.

We make use of ethical white hat SEO techniques only. We strongly believe in our competencies on this front and are confident of delivering outcomes with this technique.

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Analyse results, measure performances and refine strategies.

Analytics is that basic tool used to measure the effectiveness of a certain digital marketing campaign. Inaccuracy on this frontier could spell lesser ROIs for your brand. Our team of analytics does more than just measure the reach of your digital marketing campaign. We help you evolve with strategies that would help your brand get more customers.

Our elite panel of experts are certified Google analytical professionals who have the right kind of strategies up their sleeves that improves your ranking. The strategies we develop for your brand are customised to its needs and dimensions and aim at lessening bounce rates thereby improving sale conversions.

What sweetens the deal for your brand is that we offer all these services in a record breaking span of time. This is what makes us one of the best analytical agencies.

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Content Marketing and Publishing

Compelling content drives cross-channel engagement

When it comes to digital marketing, we know that content is a very integral part. We thus have assigned an elite team of content strategists and curators who create SEO-friendly content that improves your ranking across various platforms.

Our content solutions are all-encompassing and do not restrict itself to any one form of it. The content services we provide intend to boost your online presence through blogs, custom-written news articles, relatable and graphically creative infographics, and videos.

The quality of the refreshing, well-articulated content services we offer aim at increasing your reach among your target audiences. This, in turn, helps to reshape your brand’s identity with inbound marketing.

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Paid advertising – Search and display

Uncovering paid opportunities to grow your business fast.

The main idea behind any marketing strategy is to build such a framework that leads to maximum impact with the least amount of money spent. Our paid advertising strategies are designed around the same mindset.

Our certified team of experts setup intricate model increases efficiency in terms of inbound traffic. These high performing models consider not only the dynamics involved in PPC (pay per click) but also on other factors like CPC (cost per click) and Keyword research that help tailor a customised strategy for you.

Our approach towards paid advertising is methodical and very reactive and we aim at enhancing your KPIs so as to maximise your outreach and thereby your ROIs.

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Social media marketing

Because online reputation impacts purchase decisions

Considering the amount of time people spend online is a clear indication of how great a market stands in front of your brand. More than a staggering 95% of your existing customers and target audience are found biding time on Facebook and Twitter and that is exactly where you need to direct your actions.

Your brand needs to gel in with the likes of your audiences for them to be able to relate to. Only then you would they be able to connect with you. Our team of social media experts rely on insights gained from market analysis and develop strategies that target exactly that niche that promises a higher sale conversion rate.

Our prime motive is to create an ever-expanding community of loyal customers for a steady in-flow of website traffic which eventually benefits your SERP ranking and boosts business revenues.

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Conversions matter !! A thousand impressions don't!!

Our digital marketing company has an expert team of CRO specialists who apply tried & tested approach to uplift your conversions & improve website performance.

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