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Stop wasting your hard-earned money as well as valuable time on random keywords & poor PPC management! A successful PPC campaign depends on having the best advertising experts, a proactive PPC campaign manager, a brand-centric approach, and perfect timing. That way, you get every search, every engagement, and every like & share. When you hire PPC experts from us, they spend more time analyzing old campaigns for gaps, lost clicks, and future revenue. They judiciously use "if/else" conditions to compare apples to apples and avoid mistakes.

You can trust TIS Digital and its Google-certified PPC specialist to help you get the most out of your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Benefit from a fast and powerful way to grow in the online world and quickly increase your visibility. We use optimized paid search campaigns that only deliver when people click on your ads.


When you hire a Google Certified PPC expert from us, they help you target your business with the right search metrics & demographics. You'll get measurable results within a manageable budget and cost-effectively achieve your marketing goals. Pay-per-click allows you to target your customers based on interests and search preferences, regardless of channel or geography. Increase brand awareness by displaying ads in search results and on social platforms.

You can set your budget, choose who sees your ads and decide when is the best time to show your ads. Hire a PPC expert to take control of your marketing steps and drive sales and business. We take a comprehensive approach, in-depth competitive research, conversion analysis, and keyword research & development. We have expertise in overseeing PPC promotions at multiple stages, including keyword research, campaign setup, campaign management, and landing page setup.

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Optimized Campaigns for Better RoI

Hire PPC Expert from India to Get Your Campaign Optimized by Adwords Certified Professionals


Our campaign strategies are designed to meet your specific needs and market conditions. Hire PPC specialists and get state-of-the-art pay-per-click services encompassing all aspects of PPC, including competitive research, market research, audience, and conversion estimates. We have taken the PPC industry to new heights by covering every segment of the digital platform.

We follow advanced PPC campaign optimization tricks & techniques to ensure you get the best results in minimum costs. We use strategies like manual bidding, taking advantage of remarketing, exploring Microsoft Ads, paying attention to Amazon ads, taking advantage of responsive search ads, landing page optimization, revisiting your keywords, and checking on your conversion tracking.

Expertise of Our PPC Specialists

A full set of integrated PPC campaign management to drive your company’s digital growth

images Google Ad

Hire PPC experts to unlock the potential of your business and ensure high conversion rates by choosing the proper ad management channels. Increase your ROI on search, shopping, and display networks with Google AdWords campaigns.

images Social Media

Advertising on popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube maximizes your brand awareness and RoI. A properly managed social media advertising campaigns allow you to gain access to your potential customers in less time and cost.

images Managing Bing

Build your business and drive more sales with Bing's search and display advertising campaigns. Display your website in the "advanced" search position on Bing's search results page. Hire PPC specialists for targeted click-through rates and high ROI.

images Rebuy or

Convert bounced visitors into customers through remarketing. Retargeting helps you capture more leads by attracting potential customers who have visited your website previously but did not convert. When you retarget old customers, they will build a relationship with your brand, which will lead them to connect with you.

images Display Advertising

Hire our dedicated PPC experts can help you with your digital advertising campaigns to drive the most traffic to your landing page or website. Hire our PPC specialists who have a proven track record of managing profitable ad campaigns on the Google Display Network from ad creation to targeting optimization and analysis.

images Shopping Campaigns

Also known as the Product Listing Ad, Google Shopping Campaign is a great way for eCommerce businesses to get their products seen by more people, increase sales and attract more potential customers. Our PPC experts for hire can help you set up your shopping campaign to get the most out of it.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated PPC Expert?

Is it worth it to hire a dedicated PPC expert or should you try to stick it out yourself?

While most businesses recognize the value of pay-per-click advertising, they may not know where to start. This is because pay-per-click advertising is spreading across a wide range of platforms, including social media and simple search ads. There are many business benefits of hiring a PPC management expert, most notably the balance between cost and results. While it's certainly possible for companies to manage their digital advertising, it's not always easy. Here are six reasons why businesses across the globe want to hire PPC experts from India:

  • Personalized white-label PPC reporting
  • Conversion tracking consulting
  • Improved ROI through strategic bid management
  • Copywriters who create high-converting ads
  • Campaign optimization with A/B testing
  • Landing page optimization with Google certified experts

Ultimately, PPC offered by our experts facilitates higher returns and better results. In other words, in most cases, the excellent effects it delivers far outweigh the cost. Our PPC campaigns are a proper amalgamation of stringent monitoring, careful ads alignment and an effective strategy around key performance indicators.

Why Hire PPC Experts From Us?

Consistently delivering transformational growth through the best PPC management services.

Our PPC experts will work diligently on your campaign and strategically optimize SERP rankings and user engagement. We will analyze your goals and implement strategies to improve traffic performance and ROI. Hire a Google Adwords expert and search engines will fall in love with your brand.


images Google Certified

Our PPC experts for hire have top certifications and regular training. They also keep themselves abreast with latest tools and techniques to ensure you get the best result in minimum investment.

images Analytics-driven

There's no writing on the wall or assumptions to be made when you hire our AdWords experts from TIS Digital. All PPC campaign strategies are well-formulated after thorough data analysis.

images Extensive Experience

Our PPC experts are creative thinkers who have honed their skills to deliver consistent results over time. Hire a Google Adword expert you can trust and who can deliver you the desired results.

images Detailed Reporting

Hire dedicated PPC experts to provide you with detailed & elaborative analytics & reports on a regular basis. These reports help you analyze your campaign growth and RoI in an easy way.

images Complete Solution

Depending on your industry and requirements, our PPC experts for hire can help you implement a comprehensive PPC campaign strategy with clear objectives.

images Customized Plan

Our PPC experts are able to design a personalized PPC campaign strategy that fits your business's dynamic needs and goals. Our PPC experts closely analyze your business type and industry type and customize strategy to ensure maximum RoI.

images Scalable process

Hiring a PPC management expert will also ensure that your PPC campaign and PPC strategy will scale with time, while increasing ROI and growing your business.

images Affordable Pricing

Our affordable PPC experts provide the best and innovative PPC campaigns to put your business on a growth trajectory. We keep our pricing quite affordable and all our packages are pocket friendly.

images Strict NDA

Your idea is completely safe with us as we sign a strict non disclosure agreement to ensure your idea won’t be revealed. In addition, our PPC agency maintains complete transparency in each of our business processes.

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Digital Marketing Services FAQs

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This acronym stands for the online marketing model. In online marketing, advertisers are required to pay a certain fee. The fee is paid only when the ad is clicked. The number of times the advertiser clicks on the ad; the exact price is paid. It is not a way to achieve "profit" organically but to attract traffic to your website. PPC is where advertisers bid on ads on search engine sponsored links, from which the commercial bids are calculated. The publisher here refers to the owner of the website or the network of websites.

PPC testing (pay-per-click testing) in AdWords campaigns allows promoters to improve their pay-per-click campaigns' conversion rate continuously. It is impossible to observe the actual emotions of users. Also, user behavior cannot be predicted by the system. Therefore, when running a campaign, try to stay close to the productivity line and drop the productivity graph to the maximum. Split testing your PPC or adding more landing pages and ads will prove you wrong.Split also testing allows for guarantees, credibility data, calls-to-action, display URLs, bids, questions & statements, and price statements. Split Landing Page Testing is just as essential as Landing Pages.

To answer this question, you need to understand the fundamentals of combining SEO and PPC or SEO and pay-per-click. If you are going to use SEO, it's like buying a house but not a piece of land. So where do you stay? There is no place, is there? PPC is another channel, SEO is another customer acquisition channel. PPC is continuously funded and managed. Pay-per-click is a short-term advertising tool, while SEO generally takes time and uses long-term traffic. So, if you need immediate results, you should use PPC, and if you have a long-term plan, you should use SEO.

The performance of your PPC campaign will depend on the goals you set for your website. According to research firms and technical analysts, it will take at least three months to see results. Since PPC operates on a short-term strategy, it takes at least three months to run a pay-per-click campaign.Due to Google's complex and rigorous algorithm, your account will be analyzed by Google during the first week, which will affect its performance. The three months of recurring time includes ongoing campaign budget management; exploring new keywords to expand your account; adjusting keyword bids to understand performance, engagement, and costs; testing new ad copy and ad extensions; identifying new targeting items; demo This includes bidding on accounts by device, graphics, location, etc. After that, you'll have time to focus on results.

The benefits of PPC can be expressed in many ways. There are proven contacts that equal a successful search engine marketing strategy. PPC produces quick results, which is essential for small business growth. It is the fastest way to run a campaign to get immediate results. You can measure your costs, profits, visits, clicks, etc., so you know how much money you are spending and whether you are in the red or the black.It would also help if you determined what will contribute to the growth of the short segment. PPC campaigns form a specific part that needs to be defined for the right audience. PPC recognizes brands, opens doors for local customers, is budget-friendly, and is rich in functionality. It is also an excellent tool for functionality and rich reporting. These features make it easier for you to grow your business.


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