HTML 5 Core Features

User-friendly, feature-rich, and dynamic apps can help you earn huge revenues and maximize profits. Quite naturally, HTML5 emerges as the perfect option for all web developers out there. With excellent features and outstanding functionalities, this particular framework will help you create robust HTML5 applications, and TIS can make sure you reap the benefits.

Elegant and
innovative forms

Let your site designer choose the perfect inputs, design layouts, and visually stunning webpages. HTML gives them the perfect flexibility to do so. You can include different fields and search options. In a nutshell, business app developers get the perfect chance to build strong and dynamic applications.


HTML5 coding brings in a lot of consistency to the entire coding process. No matter which applications you design, the coding will be smooth, easy, and consistent. Users won’t face difficulties and find it easier to use these applications.

Supportability for rich media elements

Add and integrate highly attractive features in your app. Leverage HTML5’s capacity to play video and audio easily. You won’t have to bear those old plug-in tabs and can refresh site appearance perfectly.

Clean coding

Comprehensive, clean, and neat codes are of paramount significance for your business app. Make sure you shift to HTML5 if you are still not using it. The presence of neat coding elements will help you create effective, unique, and innovative applications.

Our HTML5 development solutions skills

Give your dream venture the perfect boost it’s worthy of. With innovative and custom HTML5 development services, you will get the perfect opportunity to scale up your brand. With improved coding and elegant forms, HTML5 can turbocharge web applications like never before.
You need the most efficient, reliable, and reputed partners by your side and that’s where we at TIS emerge as the pioneers. Our experience spans over diverse competencies and our core functions include HTML5 app development, HTML5 prototyping and designing, HTML5 game development, HTML5 custom migration, and HTML5 migration.

  • HTML5 UI prototyping and designing
  • HTML5 web development
  • HTML5 plug-in development
  • HTML5 site maintenance and tuning
  • Testing the HTML apps

HTML5 development services

"Your business app represents your venture and helps you earn recognition amongst target consumers. Get in touch with pioneers like TIS who can help you obtain an unbeatable competitive edge online."

Creating feature-rich applications isn’t that easy. At TIS, we understand every client and dedicate enough time to comprehend their needs. From planning the entire project to executing it perfectly, we will render complete support to them. Highly functional, dynamic, and high-performance apps can work wonders for your business, and that’s where we come up to help you. TIS prides on its team of highly experienced, proficient, and efficient experts. They can understand the project, identify your needs, and implement the perfect solutions.
We deliver superior expertise to a variety of projects including HTML5 web development, migration, app maintenance, customization, plugin development, and design prototyping.


Every business needs to position itself as a brand. From small-scale ventures to large enterprises, every single business unit needs to ensure successful app delivery and functioning. Our HTML5 development services will help them to a great extent.

website development

Create highly scalable and strong websites with HTML5. User interaction and engagement is the key, and that’s where HTML5 proves to be the best option.


We help you get a digital makeover and enhance your visibility in the online marketplace with our whitehat SEO strategies, geared to put you firmly in front of your customers.

Data Maintenance
and Migration

We can help you store and preserve data right from scratch! Data maintenance and migration is necessary, and that’s where HTML emerges as the perfect choice. It’s highly imperative to embrace agile methodologies while developing web apps. At TIS, we encourage developers to a great extent.

Custom HTML5

Design and develop your web apps just the way you wish to! We will help you do that with our dynamic processes. Get in touch with our experts whenever you wish to work with HTML.

Responsive Design
for HTML

Do you want your site to get noticed? Well, custom web app development and responsive designs for HTML5 applications will take you forward. Our strong, efficient, and knowledgeable team will take you ahead in the competitive arena.

Embrace HTML5

Choose TIS as the most reliable partner for web app designing and HTML5 integration.
Our past work and portfolio will give you an idea of our expertise.

Rich media integrations

Media elements can add a special touch to web apps. That’s not all; you can play audio files and videos with the HTML5. At TIS, we put our best efforts to make things easier for web designers. Right from the beginning to the final execution, we render perfect support throughout the project. Whether it’s an experienced web app developer or a first-time web designer, everyone will enjoy optimum flexibility while operating with HTML5.

Offline cache for applications

Quite unlike some of the other frameworks, HTML5 offers a unique offline application cache facility. Even if you are offline, the webpage visited by you will get loaded easily. Files get loaded quite fast and the huge burden on server decreases to a great extent. Experts at TIS will make things easier for users. We will develop robust applications using HTML5, thus accelerating the speed of operations.


Consistent coding is a factor which helps a web application grow and also lends great support to web designers. The uncomplicated and consistent coding ensured by HTML5 will give you the opportunity to create clean and neat codes. That’s not all; web designers will understand the way a code has been created thus performing site maintenance effectively. At TIS, we can help you reap the benefits of HTML5. Our experience and expertise explains why we are the forerunners in the tech world!

Fancier forms

HTML5 offers fancy, stylish, and elegant forms. Users can reap the benefits of diverse search fields and different inputs. Web app developers and designers will surely enjoy working with HTML5. Your dream venture needs the perfect aid to excel. Give it the best digital representation with HTML5. The team of experts at TIS India understands the depth and functionality of HTML5. That help us create exceptional solutions and attractive web apps with HTML5. We will plan the process according to clients’ convenience!

Flexible and easy-to-use

One of the major benefits of HTML5 is the flexibility it offers to users. The web app development process is easy and you can conceptualize and create simple codes. Whenever there’s a web app creation project coming up, make sure you get in touch with experts at TIS. We will combine knowledge, efficiency, technical knowhow, and expertise to deliver the perfect solutions.

Reasons to opt for TIS’s
HTML5 development services

TIS happens to be the frontrunners in HTML development, integration, and migration. We can offer professional services that belong to topmost quality standards.

Right from designing the project to crafting unique ideas for execution, we can do it all. Here’s a sneak-peek of our HTML5 solutions: When you are associating with TIS, you can be sure of getting the best support for HTML5 projects. Our outstanding and dedicated team will make sure you expand your user-base and maximize profit margins. Give your clients the perfect reasons to associate with you. Our HTML5 development solutions will surely add value to their enterprise.

Convenient and affordable pricing

  • We strive hard to make things easier for clients. Our pricing policies happen to be comfortable, convenient, and competitive. You will get the best rates for a captivating business app powered by HTML5.

Topmost quality standards

  • Our world-class solutions are developed by highly qualified web experts. We understand your needs and can extend professional support to you. From technical issues to customization problems, we can take care of every key aspect.

Excellent customer service

  • We are ever-ready to answer your questions and prepared to craft unique solutions for all types of queries. No matter what the hour of the day, we are available all the time!

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