Strategic Inbound Marketing

As opposed to the intrusive outbound marketing, we employ highly targeted inbound marketing programmes with which the online user is attracted to your engaging and informative content, is prompted to come back again and again, and is converted to a staunch brand loyalist.
As per your brand’s specific buyer persona we craft compelling content that keeps them hooked to your site for a long time. Each second spent by the visitor on your site is made a potential conversion opportunity. The targeted ads and phenomenal content stays in the site visitor’s mind long after they have closed the browser






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With inbound marketing your lead nurturing
goals yield fruitful outcomes

Get found by your customers at the right time and rank well on SEO with high-performance inbound marketing that gives momentum to your online business objectives. It is proven that leads from inbound marketing cost far less than outbound marketing.

This means you enjoy a considerably higher ROI on your investment into the planned inbound marketing campaigns devised and deployed by us at TIS .


Inbound marketing strategy

We get together to brainstorm on your line of business, about who is your key customer segment. We then devise an appropriate buyer persona. This helps us devise targeted marketing messages that cater to their sensibilities. The plan is to customize the tactic in such a way that there is peak performance potential for such a well-thought out inbound marketing programme.


SEO and Keyword Research

We then do an analysis of what keywords your customers are using to find businesses like yours online. We also do in-depth competitive analysis to understand what your business rivals are doing to attract your customers’ visibility. Get high volume of meaningful traffic with SEO and keyword research that lets you gain a higher share of earned visibility through search engine results.


Content Creation

High powered content is a valuable lead magnet. It not only informs the users about the product’s USPs but does it in such a way that it keeps readers hooked and prompts them to act upon the desired call to action. We weave in keywords meaningfully and naturally without making it synthetic. Our SEO optimized content is what helps your website to rank higher and be discovered by search query users who matter to you – i.e. your potential customers.


Email Marketing

By keeping customer updated on various newsworthy content, we ensure that the level of engagement is kept high. This way your brand remains in the minds of your future customer, and helps them move closer to the end of the sales journey. With targeted and personalized email marketing we ensure that the conversion happens successfully.


Social media Marketing

If a major chunk of your customers are into social media, why leave this important success area behind. With TIS, you can create a formidable presence on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. We make sure to connect the right audience with your brand, enhance its visibility, and bring it to prominence among the billions of social media users.


UX & Inbound Lead generation

We constantly update the site with fresh and unique content. This provides a significant impetus for the readers to come again and again to your site and consume the helpful and relevant content. By putting your brand in front of your prospects, we make certain that the engagement happens with them and they are pulled towards your brand.


Website design and development

A feature rich, UX friendly, and SEO optimized responsive website is no longer a good-to-have. Such a website is now essential to traffic that is increasingly coming from mobile. We add in exclusive functionalities that are specific to your business objectives and ensure that your site visitors get a personalized touch of brilliance with a thoughtfully designed website.



For us, having a clear visibility into the end game of inbound marketing is crucial. Hence we keep track of the KRAs associated with this campaign. Stakeholders in client business can access these reports and interactive dashboards to get up-to-date information about the ad spend, conversion metrics, and other important information needed to determine the success of inbound marketing for your brand.

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