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Joomla e-Commerce Core Features

Joomla’s powerful feature set coupled with TIS India is a potent mix. Thanks to its inverted pyramid approach, that acknowledges the challenges first and then offers a set of solution and finally boils down to the specific business requirement. Utilize this incredible mix to give your business a facelift.

Content Management

Every seller needs to list down the buyer needs, the kind of content they are interested in and the feedback that they provide. With this open source platform the users can rate the articles, e-mail the same to their friend or save automatically in PDF. This robust technology has a number of pre-installed modules that help you to manage the popular articles, latest news, newsflashes and other related articles.

User Management

For a small business, who don’t want to miss the bus, needs to keep a prying eye on the buyer needs. This open source platform has in-built registration system that allows the users to configure the different options. With it, the users can access, edit, publish and administrate the website content as per the needs.

Smart Image management

At TIS our Joomla experts help you to manage the media files easily. The Media Manager tool is integrated into the Article Editor tool to grab the images and present in the way that the user demands.

Menu Management

Are you struggling with menu management or don’t know how to structure the menus of the website independently? At TIS, we have Joomla veterans who will help you to structure the menu that is completely independent of the way you manage the content. You can add a single menu at different places in the way you want.


Even though there are several open content management platforms, but Joomla is one-of-its-kind technology that makes your business a step ahead. Its integrated features like RSS feeds, template management, and banner management take your website to the next level of success.

TIS India’s dedicated team provides you a wide range of services that help you to manage different content varieties like images, text, graphics and videos easily.


Joomla Development Services

"TIS specializes in generating diverse array of Joomla based solutions. Our Joomla development service offerings covers a range of deliverables, including, website portal development, support and maintenance, customization, component development, theme customization etc."

Using our CMS tools, you will be able to engage with your customers in a more effective way. We lend identity to your online business as well address the needs that help you to achieve the business goal. Our team of developers and designers help you to create an outstanding website for the business. With us, we guarantee you peace of mind.

Customized Joomla
web Development

Partnering with TIS will give you an extra edge because with our services you can develop incredible websites in the way you wish. Whether you are a small business man or an owner of the multifarious enterprise, you won’t regret because our experts maintain the same quality while building the website.


At TIS, we are backed by experienced web developers who make your website more interactive, appealing with HTML based theme validation along with other integration features.

Joomla Design
and Development

AT TIS, we build customer centric business website that gives its end user a pleasant experience and increase the brand engagement. Our design and development features help you in the digital marketing.

Joomla e-commerce
application development

Digital marketing is not something that you can master in a day or two. It is an intensive exercise that achieves perfection with, through trial and error approach. With our e-commerce development services you can achieve the business height easily.

Joomla Cloud

Joomla is a technology that has changed the landscape of online marketing. With our Joomla cloud development services, you can build a professional website without any hiccup.

Joomla mobile

The days are over, when the people used to search from nook and corner to avail the best products and services. With our Joomla mobile web development services you can create a website that is trusted by millions of people.

Benefits to your business

The minds at TIS has seen the world wide web evolving since over a decade and seen it impacting the web businsses. We know what’s going to help the new and already businesses. Here are the major differentiators.

Interactive Website

At TIS, we have an experience of working with the diverse clients that have enabled us to adopt the best practices when it comes to the website development. Joomla is a highly effective tool that makes your website interactive and user friendly. The plugin, themes, widget development using the cutting edge technology is our USP. Definitely, it will accelerate your business growth.

Laser Focused on User

Gone are the days, when the people used to go to brick and mortar stores for the shopping. Nowadays, an online identity is quintessential for your business. The best growth strategy for your business is to create a website and fill it up with powerful content. But that’s not enough, it is important to engage the end user and improve the engagement towards your website. This can be done by one of the most powerful website development tool Joomla.

Google Loves It

Today, Google is a buzzword. But marking your presence is not an easy cup of tea; you need to put efforts to be on the top of the game. But with the help of Joomla, you can craft a wonderful website and get more traffic as Joomla has several SEO integrated features. It allows you to set meta description, meta keywords and also increase your page ranking. In short, Joomla lets you to do basic SEO by itself, you don’t need to hire a consultant for it.

Top Notch Security

Hacking is labeled as a curse for the business. It not only hampers the growth but also gives it a bad rapport. But, if you are partnering with us, we promise you a secured website and a peace of mind. Your business can generate online networking through a secure website free from external hacks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Incredible Loading Speed

At TIS, we explore the depths of Magento and let you leverage its amazing strength of grouping products the smart way. Be it simple product, grouped products (cricket bat and ball for example), configurable products (t-shirts in different sizes, materials, and colors for example), or virtual products like vouchers and coupons – you can configure and categorize products easily. With this sanity in grouping, you can encourage upsell and cross-sell to boost top-lines further.

Utilize our services and see
your business grow

We have a treasure of hand-picked talent that delivers you the best results in Joomla development services.

Our strength is our ability to adopt according to the client’s requirements. Just as the water makes way for itself and yet remains pristine, this is the way we shape up your website. We take your business as a priority and combine it with the marketing goals and serve it in a customized way.

Benefits of Joomla:

  • Suited for small scale and large enterprises
  • Has powerful and easy menu creation tool
  • Offers multi-lingual support
  • Has huge range of extensions

Want more? Then read on

  • Open source e-commerce solution
  • Joomla is supported by various 3rd party companies
  • It has a vast collection of templates
  • Joomla has the most vibrant community that is eager to help you

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