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Are you not happy with your Google search results, do negative search results mar your business's online presence, are you suffering from harsh & unbiased reviews, or do you know how to deal with your angry customers venting online? If you're struggling with such queries, you need a flexible, results-oriented white label ORM service.

An online reputation management service can help you build a positive brand, build better relationships with your customers, and create an online reputation that impacts your business. This is where TIS Digital can help you, which fixes online reputation marketing and maintains good online business reputation management.


We are one of the best online reputation management companies and offer 360-degree ORM solutions. Our online reputation management services are an integral part of digital marketing. As one of India's leading online reputation management agencies, we understand that the prestige any brand has in the market directly impacts its customers and productivity.

For over a decade, TIS Digital has been proactively monitoring and improving the reputation of its clients. Our online reputation management agency boasts a 97% client retention rate, and for a good reason: TIS Digital assigns each client a dedicated campaign manager to provide a personalized strategy that fits their needs. This allows our clients to develop a long-term reputation management partnership while receiving the support they need to respond quickly to an adverse situation.

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Improve Your Trust Rating & Brand Value

Measuring Monitoring, and Managing the Online Health of Your Brand


Typically, many companies, potential investors, banks, customers, and other target audiences check your online records and browse the Internet when they want to know about your brand. This is because a company's online footprint is vital to attracting potential customers, clients and investors. This is why you need to harness the power of the Internet with reliable white label ORM service.

Regardless of your industry, it's necessary to be trusted. A trusted ORM company like ours can help you build your company's image through search engines, social media, and other means so that people have a positive impression of your company simply by searching for it. You should also be able to block or dismiss negative comments and reviews about your company, which may distort the image you want to project to potential clients and customers. Consequently, a good online reputation management agency will be able to handle such intricate details as well as take your company's brand and identity.

Our ORM Services

Effective ORM plan tailored to meet your prerequisites without exceeding budget

images Powerful Strategic

Our online reputation management experts over-analyze your business and then implement a well-planned and practical reputation management strategy to protect your online reputation. Our ORM strategies are customized as per your business type and your present online presence.

images Protecting Online

A good reputation is a sign of success for all types of businesses, whether it is small or big. With this in mind, we implement effective online reputation management tactics to protect your reputation and save it from any severe damage from your competitors or any angry customers.

images Limiting Cheater

By reporting fake content removal requests as well as suppressing bad reviews from various listing or cheater websites, we significantly improve their reputation in search engines. We have a team of online reputation management experts dealing with this task.

images Online Reputation

To improve or recover the reputation of your business or website, we offer result-oriented reputation recovery services to all our valued clients. For this, we have a team of SEO and SMO experts who keep an eagle eye over your bad reviews or rating and take effective action when they find any.

images Improved reputation &

By thoroughly researching your online reputation, we find websites with erroneous reviews and ratings and improve them by fixing them immediately. Our online reputation management experts have rich domain expertise in enhancing brand reputation and reviews on online platforms.

images Brand Search

We can manage your brand search with our expertise and efforts by improving your keyword strategy and content availability. Our experts carefully find keywords of interest and check comments & reviews over these keywords, and if they find any reviews, they take further steps to remove them.

images Improve Business

No matter what your business image is, our online marketing experts will enhance it and give your business an elite presence over the internet. We thoroughly study your competitors and ensure that your reputation is the best among your competitors to provide a competitive advantage.

images Fix Google
Search Results

This reverse search engine optimization effectively curbing negative information posted on different listings and review-related websites. Our ORM company has a team of experts handling this with excellent proficiency by using advanced online tools and effective strategies.

images Fast Reputation

Our renowned reputation management agency in India offers the most effective white label ORM services to turn around your online reputation. Our ORM solutions are quick and, at the same time, practical. Our strategies are out of the box that helps maximum RoI for your business.

Why Do You Need ORM Services?

ORM Ensures Bury the Bad & Promote the Good

Did you know that 80% of users rely on reviews to help them make purchases? Whether you're a local business, a growing franchise or a mid-sized firm with an international reach, online review management services have many benefits. Online reviews play a crucial and unavoidable role in today's marketplace. Therefore, a good ORM digital agency is vital to your business, as they can provide you with

  • Research and analysis of negative and positive reviews
  • Strategic SEO campaign planning and implementation
  • Creation and sharing of targeted content
  • Increase your social media exposure
  • Optimization of local listings
  • Create business profiles
  • Create and review referrals
  • Monitor online reputation
  • Proven ORM tools and strategies
  • Improve your conversion rates

TIS Digital is a leading ORM service provider offering effective and quick online reputation management services specifically for brand, online, and personal reputation. If a negative online reputation or reviews is currently influencing your online reputation, our online reputation management consultants will identify it and design an ORM plan to remove it from different search engines.

You can contact us today and discuss your situation and better understand your needs.

Why Choose TIS Digital?

We are Building a Positive Digital Presence For Our Clients

As India’s most trusted ORM service provider, TIS Digital has a proven and successful track record of managing and enhancing the online reputation of large and small brands, professionals, and politicians in various industries. Our experts know precisely how to handle your online reputation. We offer 360-degree white label ORM services to influence SERP results, promote a positive brand image, enhance customer interaction, influence customer decision making, protect your reputation from competitors, and make your business look great online.


images Over a Decade
of Expertise

With over a decade of domain expertise, we've become the top choice for businesses looking for an expert online reputation management agency in India. We understand all the nuances and nitty gritty of online review management and the value it provides to help you grow your business.

images An Award-winning

With our performance-based strategies and award-winning team, our ORM company has secured over $1 billion in revenue for our clients. In addition, we've generated over 3 million leads for clients in industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality industries.

images High customer
retention rates

You can also see from our client testimonials that TIS Digital delivers accurate and quick results. As a result, our customer retention rate is almost 100%. Our NPS is also nearly 100% to emphasize this satisfaction further, proving that our team cares about your success.

images Dedicated account

At TIS Digital, we believe in providing personalized service to each of our clients. That's why we provide each client with a dedicated account manager. When you call us, you'll speak with the same person you spoke to last month. It's another perk of being the best ORM agency in India.

images Personalized solutions

We offer online reputation management services that are tailored to your needs and requirements. Whether you want to protect your privacy, clean up your online reputation, or improve your online presence, our ORM agency can help you with all your needs.

images Affordable pricing

Our primary motivation is to provide our valuable clients with high-quality online reputation management services and a reasonable pricing structure. You can count on our ORM agency to help you build an effective brand reputation.

images Maximum flexibility

The flexibility means that we can offer all of our business reputation management services without any hassle. Whatever package you choose for your business, our ORM company guarantees to put 100% of our value into it.

images Results-driven

Our online reputation management consultants are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable, so they will recommend relevant and the most effective ORM plans and packages that will give you results-driven online reputation solutions within your budget.

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Digital Marketing Services FAQs

Online reputation is the reputation of a person, company, product or service over the Internet or any digital platforms. Online reputation management (ORM) refers to the practice of developing effective and foolproof strategies to shape or influence public perceptions of an individual, organization, or other entity on the Internet. ORM also helps drive public perception of a business and its products and services. Online reputation management services include:

  • Online media monitoring.
  • Social media management.
  • Content writing and placement.
  • Business review management.
  • Personal and corporate image development.
  • Crisis management.
  • Corporate communications strategy.
  • Brand management.
  • Tactical and strategic public relations.

The Internet has a crucial impact on the choices people make in all aspects of their lives. No matter who you meet, where you eat, when you travel, what you wear, a company or person's online reputation is usually the first impression they build on customers, potential clients, and social acquaintances, so protecting and defending your online presence is critical.

An ORM service provider will promote positive messages about you and your business and reduce or eliminate the impact of damaging harmful online content.

The best online reputation management company itself should have a solid and positive online reputation. It would help if you looked for a company with experience & expertise, responsive, and understands you and your business. In addition, you should consider price, professionalism, whether they have received positive reviews as well as ratings, won several awards, been featured in many media outlets, and have a website and active social media presence.

The cost of reputation management usually depends on the complexity of the project. Similar to professional services for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., the more complex the task, the more expensive the online reputation management campaign will be.

Online Reputation Management is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and practices many of the same techniques. However, the goal of ORM is different from SEO. The main purpose of online reputation management services is to promote positive or neutral content about an entity, such as a brand, person, or company, rather than simply generating more traffic related to specific keywords. The primary purpose is to push all the negative results to the bottom of the SERPs to see fewer people when searching for that company.

Online reputation management is a continuous practice that takes time and commitment; Google typically allows for changes to indexed sites and profiles every two to six weeks, but it also caters to promotion of existing positive content as well as new content and social media, and responses to negative reviews can take three to six months.

TIS Digital's ORM strategy begins with tracking all existing online content about your brand or product using our online reputation monitoring software. Our ORM agency in India will help you respond proactively to negative reviews as well as promote existing positive content. In addition, our ORM company will help you devise ways to make your brand more friendly and approachable to your customers in the long run.

No, we will not eliminate all negative comments. First, many platforms don't allow you to remove genuine reviews. Second, our ORM company sees negative reviews as an opportunity to talk to customers, understand their needs, and respond to their queries positively. This will show a side of your brand to other audiences and help you build deeper relationships.

There are different types of ORM management. As a leading ORM service provider based in India, we offer a full range of online marketing services, from conceptualization and strategy making to implementation and execution. Some of our solutions include website design, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, mobile app marketing, video marketing, and more.


We are a leading digital marketing agency in India providing SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaign Marketing, Content Marketing services at best prices to our global clients.

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