ORM: Deploy Enterprise
Class Deterrence

Deploy deterrence strategy to identify, analyse and annihilate risks to enterprise value on digital platforms. Transform data into insights to map pain points, design and implement compact online reputation management strategies.



Navigate visibility on search engines, engage with target audience on social media and delight fans with insightful and creative content marketing to create sustainable psychological imprints to consolidate follower base, reduce headcount of risks and win support for enterprise campaigns.

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    Steer content visibility on search engines
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    Demonstrate values to the target audience on social media
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    Channelize engagement directions to advantage
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    Generate trust and monetize reputation

Why Choose TIS?

We blend UX design with business strategy to drive measurable results.

TIS integrates digital technology consulting and content marketing to build, operate and transfer highly impactful symbolic systems.

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Leverage analytics, draw insights from data, visualize user persona, identify and measure risks to map pain points.

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Set course of flow with content marketing.

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Deploy irrepressible content to hit target points precisely and regularly at will

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Amplify the radius of campaign coverage for last mile delivery

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Interact with fan base and engage on competitive landscape across devices, platforms, geographies and time zones.

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Monetize reputation in the industry vertical and beyond to climb new heights and zero the gap with people.

How to leverage online reputation as a move of strategic behaviour?

Communities of the three major stake holders, i.e. investors, clients and employees (ICE) search enterprise reputation online for new opportunities to chase shareholder value, transactions and work engagements. TIS enables enterprises leverage digital technologies, incisive analytics and strategic content distribution across digital user touch points to release, streamline and distribute trend setting market news, social buzzwords and precision targeted personalized communication. TIS offers a complete suite of ORM services catering to enterprise specifications encompassing search engine rankings, social media engagements, press release submissions and reviews to enable enterprises monetize online reputation.


Our Online Reputation Management System


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