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Larger Reach & More Conversions in Minimum Cost- That’s the motto of our paid search advertising agency! We ensure that the product reaches your potential customers through our well-planned strategies. Our experts professionally manage all your Paid Advertisements by making every click count. Our PPC marketing agency has over a decade of domain experience in driving targeted traffic to boost online sales as well as revenue. .


In the digital era, nothing gets more attention than a slight nod from search engine sites like Google & Bing. Also, many businesses find their targeted customers on popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc. These channels provide better coverage, faster conversions, and more leads to the businesses, resulting in maximum return on investment. However, harnessing the hidden potential of these platforms requires a well-thought-out strategy with proper planning by industry experts. This is where TIS Digital comes into play.

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PPC Advertising That Solves Business Challenges

Highly customized and business-centric PPC marketing services that gives results


At TIS Digital, we are working with a mission to trim the fat and assure that your paid marketing strategy gives back more than it takes. Each paid marketing campaign that we launch offers maximum returns on investment that our clients simply can’t find elsewhere. As our team of paid marketing experts optimize each campaign daily, we are always two steps ahead of your competitors.

Since our establishment, our PPC marketing agency has created thousands of brands worldwide. Our clients acknowledge us owing to our industry-specific expertise, high RoI, more targeted campaigns and low-cost consumptions. Through paid campaign marketing on Google, Bing and social media channels, our PPC advertising company has helped companies increase their brand awareness and enhance their brand's online visibility effectively with maximum RoI. Have a look at some of our case studies:

Our PPC Advertising Services

More targeted campaigns with maximum engagement and more conversions

images Keywords Research &

A keyword analysis is a process of analyzing the right keywords that bring the correct visitors to your website through paid search. Being a leading PPC management agency, our experts find some of the best keywords related to the industry to get more valued customers on your site.

images Landing Page

Landing page optimization (LPO) improves elements on a web app to enhance conversions and involves methods such as A/B testing. Our pay per click advertising agency backs with industry experts to execute this task, and we provide the best LPO solution to our clients.

images Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO, is the online marketing practice of increasing the percentage of visitors who perform any desired action on any website. Our experts closely analyse your website and your industry types and formulate a strategy to ensure effective CRO for your website.

images PPC Account

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management service is the digital marketing process of managing a company's PPC ad spend. It involves analysing strategies and ad buys and minimizing the overall expenditure of the campaign. Our pay per click marketing agency has experienced professionals to manage PPC ads.

images A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, A/B testing refers to a randomized experimentation method where two or more versions of any web page, page element, etc. are shown to different visitors at the same time to evaluate the best version. Our A/B testing team has the industry’s best tools to execute this testing in less time.

images Search Engine

Search engine advertising (SEA) is a branch of online advertising in the form of images or texts that are posted on search engines sites such as Google or Bing. Our PPC management agency has Google certified experts who know the nitty-gritty of search engine advertising and can execute pay per click management services with maximum RoI.

images Social Media

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the digital marketing process of increasing brand awareness or generating traffic/leads by using a number of social media channels. When you choose our paid social media agency, you get access to the industry's best SMO experts to effectively execute your social media marketing campaigns.

images Native Advertising

In Native advertising, our PPC management agency uses paid ads to match the function, look and feel of the media format in which they appear. These types of ads are generally found as recommended content on a web page or in social media feeds. Our industry experts create effective strategies to execute native advertising that can generate maximum traffic or leads for you.

images White label

In White Label PPC, we offer advanced PPC management services to our clients which are delivered by another company acting under their brand. Our PPC company in India has a team of experts offering this service. Since our establishment, our paid social media agency has created thousands of campaigns in white label PPC that have generated maximum revenue for our clients.

TIS Digital: You Paid Campaign Partner

We are trusted partner of thousands of businesses worldwide with 97%+ client retention

TIS Digital is a popular PPC marketing service provider with over a decade of experience in the industry. Our PPC company in India is a certified Google partner and is engaged in creating effective Adwords campaigns that have skyrocketed the brand awareness of thousands of businesses worldwide. Our paid campaign experts will identify the right social media platforms by analysing your business stringently and develop a targeted paid marketing campaign that’ll effectively increase quality traffic & leads to your web or mobile app. Have a look at our USPs:

  • Data-driven paid marketing campaigns
  • Complete conversion optimization
  • Laser-targeted advertising campaigns
  • Latest analytical tools to measure performance
  • White label ppc management
  • A comprehensive reporting to analyse data

Our dedicated paid campaign managers are technology-conscious and have experience managing thousands of paid marketing campaigns all across the globe. To grow your brand presence and value, we use modern tricks, trending industry-leading tools, and result-focused approaches. All you have to do is let us know what your goals are with PPC campaigns, and our team of dedicated PPC Experts will build Scalable-Rich, Technology-rich, and Reliable-rich Paid Marketing Solutions.

Our best PPC management company in India has a strong team of expert PPC professionals that has rich domain expertise with search ads, programmatic efforts, display ads, etc. Our experts help advertisers like you reap the complete benefits of your PPC ad campaign. When we work with our esteemed clients about creating an effective strategy, our PPC agency in India tries to create an effective strategy that will get you maximum clicks and conversions.

Why Choose TIS Digital Over Other Agencies?

Boosting revenue and improve brand awareness with maximum return on investment

The paid campaign marketing strategies of TIS Digital are slightly different from the rest. With over a decade of experience, our paid marketing experts keep an eagle eye on the type of paid marketing campaigns that suit your business and ensure maximum ROI.

With over a decade of working experience in different industries, our team of paid marketers has a detailed understanding of the complete digital marketing landscape. Since our establishment, our PPC marketing agency in India has helped thousands of companies around the globe acquire leads and increase sales through our comprehensive paid marketing services. Not only this, we also provide reputation management services over different social media channels to enhance your brand awareness and diminish all bad reviews effectively.


images Rich Domain

With more than 10 years of expertise in the paid campaign marketing industry, our PPC agency in India clearly understands the challenges faced by different industries and can formulate a personalized strategy to overcome those challenges.

images Google Certified

The paid campaign experts of TIS Digital are Certified by Google and have in-depth knowledge of managing paid search campaigns for different platforms. We are specialized in creating targeted ad campaigns ranging from display and banner ads to complex video and shopping ads.

images White Label

White-label paid advertising allows you to brand and resell advertising services to various local businesses. Get white label PPC management service from a reputed service provider to create, strategize, and maintain effective digital advertising campaigns for your business.

images Multilingual Advertising

Language is not a barrier when you choose our PPC management agency! Our PPC agency in India has experts who can provide PPC advertising services in different languages. This helps us in reaching more targeted customers in different geographical regions to ensure that you get the best result and maximum return on investment.

images Understanding of Market

Having worked on thousands of paid marketing projects of different industry verticals, we have an in-depth market understanding necessary to work with clients. We closely know the digital marketing landscape inside out and can implement highly successful paid marketing campaigns in different genres.

images Smart & Effective

Our paid campaign marketing experts develop smart & effective strategies that deliver measurable results in less time. Our PPC agency in India uses advanced paid marketing tools and techniques to research your targeted audience, devise winning paid marketing strategies, and measure their performance.

images Competitive Pricing

We completely understand that corporate budgets are limited and that investing in any paid marketing campaigns can be challenging for small or medium scale businesses. However, our flexible paid marketing plans are highly affordable and offer maximum returns with minimal investment.

images Monthly Reports

At TIS Digital, we believe in building pretty long-term relationships with our esteemed customers. Trust is a crucial element in our relationship with our esteemed clients. We are completely transparent in all our operations. Our PPC agency in India prepares comprehensive & easy-to-understand monthly reports on all ongoing paid campaigns, their results and performance.

images High Engagement

A good digital marketing company can help you enhance engagement towards your product, services or your brand. Our team of PPC experts can help in generating quality content that best suits your brand value and run ads focusing your target audience to generate maximum clicks and engagement.

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Digital Marketing Services FAQs

Our PPC management agency creates innovative and creative ad copy using the right keywords and finds effective paid channels per your industry type. After that we review PPC (pay-per-click) data and analyze trends by age, geography, and channel. In addition, our PPC agency in India uses SEM keywords and retargeting them in order to engage customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Here are some popular types of paid media ads:

  • SEM: We increase your visibility across multiple channels by making your brand name visible to people who are looking for the search engine marketing services you offer. As a result, you can generate traffic to your website, leads that can be converted into customers, etc.
  • SMM: social media marketing is executed on different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, etc. Our PPC marketing agency finds the right social media platform that suits best to your industry, and runs highly targeted campaigns over it.
  • AdWords: Use AdWords, a highly effective PPC advertising system provided by Google, to generate measurable and scalable results and capture leads with a high conversion rate to customers.
  • Display Advertising: Our creative and content teams work together to create eye-catching ads that appear on relevant sites on your screen at the right time.
  • Retargeting: Our creative and content teams work together to generate eye-catching ads that can be displayed on relevant sites on your screen at the right time.

PPC advertising services are pretty effective in increasing quality traffic & leads to your website and boosting conversions. There are many small businesses which do not invest in PPC owing to the fear of high costs. However, PPC management services effectively reach a large portion of your target customers and increase your brand awareness by running targeted campaigns. Investing in pay per click management services can result in higher sales, increased profits and high RoI.

Pay per click management services allow you to place ads on a plethora of platforms on the Internet. The most popular as well as trusted among them are search engines like Google & Ping, third-party websites, and various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The success of any PPC campaign depends on a plethora of factors, including ad quality, ad relevance, user experience, targeting, and content optimization. In addition, working with an experienced paid marketing agency like TIS Digital will ensure that each of your PPC campaigns is cost-effective and delivers the maximum results in minimum cost.


We are a leading digital marketing agency in India providing SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaign Marketing, Content Marketing services at best prices to our global clients.

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