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Smart ROI on digital ad spend with PPC

Irrespective of the kind of content (both in quality and quantity) you generate, the process of generating ROI is slow and unpredictable. This is where our services come to the rescue. Our PPC services go beyond managing the Adwords account.
Our pay per click advertising experts’ help you reach the targeted audience, list your business on Google Maps, and give you the full control. For example, if your business remains closed on Sunday, the ads can be paused. This way you get tangible monetary value from your PPC ad spend.


Top-performing PPC campaigns
require a structured plan for success!!


Paid Search Marketing

Paid search engine marketing has become imperative for today’s business because a brand cannot solely rely on the organic search results. The biggest benefit of a smartly optimized ad campaign is that the ad is shown or triggered to the person based on what he /she searches for at that moment. The relevance of ads shown displays a phenomenal conversion potential. These campaigns can work well for anyone – from a startup to an enterprise.


Mobile Ads

With the rapid smartphone penetration, the number of mobile internet users has grown substantially recently. This has made the marketers look at the mobile ad as a viable advertising platform. With our mobile ad PPC services, you don’t need to chase the changing search engine algorithms frequently but focus on the website content that delivers value.
Moreover, the mobile ads are the easiest way to bridge the gap with the masses. With our mobile ad services, you can expect an increase in the number of leads, brand awareness, increased app downloads, and high e-commerce sales.


Google Remarketing

The main challenge faced by the business is to convert the lead into the buyer. But with our Google remarketing PPC campaign, you don’t need to worry about the same because our experts know their job well. We believe that the search ads are driven by the objectives and are measured in the numbers. Hence, different businesses have different objectives, including sales improvement, enhancement of the customer base or improvement in downloads, so we customize the services accordingly.


Social Media Advertising

Understanding what the customer demands through the tools like social media marketing gives you a deeper insight into the factors that might convert your lead into sales. With our comprehensive social media services on Facebook and Twitter, we help you to unleash your brand’s true potential and understand the customer journey.


Landing Page Optimization

Our PPC experts will show how to optimize the landing page design and UI/UX for better conversion. Right from a catchy headline copywriting to distinct CTA button, our landing pages seeks to get more visibility and higher conversion. Be it text elements or meta tags, every factor is accounted for when we optimize landing page for success.
Our A/B testing skills lets you chose the best performing landing page and ensure that your marketing yields are maximized. Get better conversion count for your landing pages only with TIS.


Display Advertising

Getting your business displayed at the right place will not only help you to generate the audience but also will contribute towards brand success. With our display advertising services we can help you to increase the lead generation, improve e-commerce sales, increase app installations. We use the latest techniques, tools and proven strategies to deliver you superior performance.

How we help you to design a winning formula?

  • Higher Traffic - Our services are meant to boost your visibility only in front of those people that actually matter to your venture. We guarantee you high volumes of better qualified traffic at lower costs. We specialize in knowing the pulse of your customer and generate the search marketing campaign according to that.
  • Cost effective - We are expert in running cost effective campaigns that offer results. The bids, budget and when the ads run is pre-decided to give you absolute control over what you spend.
  • Incredible ROI - Be it conversion count or conversion rate, we let you score heavily on the selected KRA and performance metric.
  • Fast turnover - Our specialists understand the nuts and bolts of PPC campaign. Hence you don’t have to wait for months and months to start seeing tangible outcomes from PPC.

Where advertisers make mistakes

  • Poorly converting landing pages
  • Wrong keywords
  • No call to action mentioned
  • Not understanding and monitoring the PPC campaign
  • Not following the best practices laid down by the Google for its ad campaign
  • Promote right product to the right people is our strategy

Advertise to the right people at right place
with right platform - that's our PPC strategy

We bring to the table, the best in class services and domain expertise to muscle up your campaign. The deep-rooted understanding and high level of communication, gives us a reason to be proud of. We will help you:

    In setting up of PPC accounts

  • Offer the exact keywords
  • Improve the existing campaign
  • Create new campaign
  • Optimizing the campaign for better ROI
  • Conversion tracking through the advanced tools
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Leveraging the potential benefits of mobile ads
  • Improving the ROI
  • Embedding ad extension, links and remarketing
  • Captivating ad copy and split testing
  • Reporting the results to the clients

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