The prominence of Facebook as a popular social media has made it a large and dependable online advertising platform for businesses. You can avail of the services TIS Digital—a trusted Facebook Ads agency in India to run targeted paid advertisements to enable you to put your products or services in front of a large audience.

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What is Facebook Ads and Why is it Important?


Facebook Ads are paid advertisements on the popular social media platform—Facebook—that help brands reach a larger audience. Due to many audiences, Facebook has turned into a big marketplace, allowing businesses to promote their products and services.

You can hire a trusted Facebook advertising agency like TIS Digital to run impactful Facebook Ads campaigns involving targeted paid advertisements and organic posts to showcase your business offerings. At TIS Digital, we can promote your brand to a large audience and even tailor creative Facebook ads to suit your specific audience.

How to Start Your Facebook Ads Campaign?

Running an impactful Facebook Ads campaign is not a layman’s game. The campaign calls for unique expertise and solid experience. So, it makes sense for you to hire a reputed and reliable Facebook advertising company like TIS Digital to run impactful ad campaigns for your business. You should have a set of objectives before you decide to start Facebook ads, otherwise, the campaign would be directionless in the absence of goals. Decide your purposes—whether lead generation, or boosting sales—for running your Facebook campaign, and leave the rest to us.


The Facebook Ads Advantages For Businesses

Build Brand Awareness, Generate Leads, Get Customers

With our Facebook Ads Service, you get a slew of advantages for your business. TIS Digital is a reputed Facebook ads company that offers impactful ad services to build your brand awareness, increase your online followers, generate more leads and enhance conversions using Facebook as a platform.

Offering the entire spectrum of Facebook ad management services, TIS Digital creates your ad strategy, posts your ads, and monitors the subsequent performance, acting as a one-stop solution provider for Facebook advertising campaigns.

Our top-rated Facebook advertising services comprise of:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Local Awareness
  • App Installs
  • Product Marketing

Investing in a Facebook Ads campaign by hiring an experienced Facebook Ads management company like TIS Digital can take your business to the next level. With the ad campaigns, you can access an extensive social media network, create targeted ads to address your target audience, and direct traffic from the Facebook platform to your website. At TIS Digital, we even carry out effective white label Facebook ads services, which means we can run your ad campaigns, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Facebook Ads Campaigns: the Goals

images Brand Awareness

If you are looking to increase the awareness of your brand or reach new customers, a Facebook Ads campaign is the perfect solution. With the ad campaign, we, at TIS Digital, disseminate your brand to many followers on the Facebook platform to enhance your brand awareness.

images Traffic

Our best-in-class Creative Facebook Ads campaigns boost your engagements on Facebook. With the ad campaigns, you get more engagements on your Facebook posts, see an increase in your Facebook Page likes, and get an increase in the number of people responding to a Facebook event.

images App Installs

We carry out visually striking Facebook Ads service campaigns to strengthen your brand among followers. And that encourages them to explore more about your products and services. So, they are likely to go a step further to install your app on their mobile devices.

images Video Views

At TIS Digital, we conduct Facebook Video Ads campaigns strategically to arouse the maximum interest for your products or services among the followers. With the increasing urge among them, they are likely to click on your videos to see a live demonstration of your business offerings.

images Lead Generation

One of our main objectives as the best Facebook PPC agency is to generate quality leads for our clients. Our Facebook Ads campaigns also help collect your followers' information and increase your website traffic, who can be your best leads for conversion.

images Store Traffic

If you own a store, you should implement our Facebook ads campaigns to increase your store traffic. We are the best Facebook advertising agency for small businesses because we run targeted ads for people nearby your store to encourage them to visit your store.

images Local Awareness

Creating local awareness is one of the objectives of our impactful Facebook Ads campaigns. We spread your business story to the right audience at the right time, helping you to connect with your target audience. Local awareness campaigns prompt people to shop in your store.

images Reach

We actuate several targeting ad campaigns to define your target audience and reach them, regardless of their location. When you can reach your target audience, you can connect with them better and communicate with them for selling your products and services.

Facebook Ads Services on the Offer

Facebook is a large social media platform with numerous followers, who can be your prospective customers if you reach and communicate with them with regard to your business offerings. Regardless of the type and size of your business, Facebook can always have the right audience for your business.

We, at TIS Digital—the best Facebook ads agency, have the following to offer:

images Video ads

Video ads display your product features in action. With videos, viewers get a live look and feel of your products. Our Facebook Ads service campaigns involve posting videos to capture the followers' attention and explain your products and services.

images Photo Ads

Photo ads are an excellent option for you if you want to run a Creative Facebook Ads campaign but are running on a tight budget that debars you from going for video ads. We run cost-effective photo ad campaigns to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

images Stories Ads

Facebook stories can serve as an impactful medium to share your business story with followers. We run mind-provoking Facebook story campaigns to deliver your message to the followers in a fullscreen environment.

images Messenger Ads

Messenger Ads campaigns involve sending personalized messages through Facebook messenger. We run successful messenger ads to help you interact with your followers more personally. And that will enable you to generate leads and answer their queries.

images Slideshow Ads

We tell your business story beautifully to your target audience through Facebook slideshow ads, which are ads in motion with sound and text. Besides, the ads load quickly and play well even at low connection speeds.

images Carousel Ads

At TIS Digital, we run visually appealing and informative carousel ads for clients. The carousel ad feature of Facebook allows displaying up to ten images or videos, with links, within a single ad.

images Canvas ads

Canvas ads are among our Facebook Ads campaigns. You can regard canvas ads as full-screen ad experiences that bring brands and products to life on mobile. The ads are interactive and eliminate the need to go off the app for information.

images Dynamic Product Ads

Our dynamic product ads campaigns on Facebook allow you to display products to followers according to their interests. Facebook dynamic ads display the right products to followers who have expressed interest in your website. With the ads, we find the right consumers for your offerings.

images Lead Ads

Our lead ads campaigns make lead generation easy for you. People often find it a bit difficult to fill up forms on mobiles. A form pops up with the lead ads feature when people tap on your ad, populated with their Facebook contact information, serving you as leads.

TIS DIGITAL: Your Perfect Facebook Ads Partner

Generate More Leads, Get More Customers, Gain More Visibility With Our Top-Notched Facebook Ads Campaign.
We can confidently claim ourselves as the best Facebook ads marketing agency, given our top-notch services. We have helped many brands to grow their businesses through our impactful Facebook Ads campaigns. Why do you not avail of our services to take your business to the next level?

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