Innumerable Google searches provide you with the opportunity to advertise your business offerings to your target audience. All you need to do is select the right keywords and pay to have your ads appear in the top positions of Google search results. You can have us as your partner to create and optimize Google Ads campaigns to improve the RoI. Our impactful Google Ads Management services boost paid search conversions to the maximum possible extent.

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What is Google Ads and Why is it Important?


Google Ads is an effective online advertising method developed by Google. Advertising through Google Ads involves displaying your ads along with (mainly above) the Google search results. The ads get displayed when users do searches with the keywords bid by the advertiser, enabling consumers to find what they are looking for quickly. Not all businesses can have an in-house Google Ads team. If you do not have such a team, you can always hire TIS Digital as your Google Ads management agency which has an expert team of certified Google Ads specialists in-house to provide effective Google Ads management services. Google Ads is an efficient advertising platform for businesses to increase traffic and boost sales.

Getting Started with Google Ads

The little bit of truth is that running successful Google Ads campaigns is a bit difficult. If you are a newbie, it is better not to run Google Ads campaigns straight away because achieving maximum ROI on paid advertising is complex. Hiring a reputed Google Ads management company like TIS Digital to run your Google Ads campaigns is the best way to start. At TIS Digital, we provide the best Google Adwords campaign management services to our global clients. Our focussed keyword research will determine the most effective keywords for your Google Ads campaign to drive more and more buyers to your ads.


Effective PPC Services for Google Ads Campaigns

What You Get Out Of PPC?

PPC is an effective advertising model in Google Ads campaigns. Before you invest in a PPC campaign, it is worthwhile to understand how PPC is essential to growing your business.

In the PPC model of Google Ads campaigns, advertisers have to pay a fee each time their ads get clicked by visitors. The Ads appear alongside search engine results when people do searches using specific keywords.

Google Ads operates on a Pay Per Click model and is the most popular advertising platform on search engines.

With PPC, Google Ads campaigns can elicit a competitive advantage for your business. A perfectly executed PPC campaign can be the most cost-effective form of online advertising for businesses.

A well-optimized PPC campaign starts showing results quickly and generates a substantial number of leads within a short time.

PPC functions in a straightforward manner. Advertisers pay when visitors click on their ads. And it also helps in lead generation and serves as an indirect way of measuring the performance of your website as the selling point of your business offerings. If you find that the leads are not getting converted, you should re-evaluate your website’s appeal and the values of your business offerings.

You can effectively delegate running your PPC campaigns to a company like TIS Digital that provides effective Google Ads management services in India.

What’s Achievable with Google Ads Campaigns?

images Boost Sales

Drive sales with our perfectly crafted Google Ads campaigns, which can generate leads online. At TIS Digital, a certified Google Ads management agency, we run Google Ads campaigns to engage consumers to prompt them to make a purchase decision. The ads appear in front of potential customers when they visit websites, videos, and apps that partner with Google. We run Google Ads campaigns across Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, and Discovery platforms.

images Generate Leads

Get a pool of qualified leads to convert. Our eye-catching Google Ads campaigns draw visitors' attention and prompt them to share their contact details through a lead form, enabling you to get leads. Our visually striking Google Ads encourage visitors to explore more about your business. Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, and Discovery are the main channels of our Google Ads campaigns to generate leads.

images Increase Website Traffic

Prompt potential customers to visit your website, and it is a great way to propagate your brand among more and more consumers. Our customized Google Ads campaigns help you reach more and more consumers, driving traffic to your website. It can help you build a list of visitors to your website to connect later to convert them into customers. Our Google Ads campaigns run through Search, Display, Shopping, Smart, Discovery, and Video channels.

images Product and Brand Awareness

Enhance awareness about your brand and business offerings by letting more and more consumers know what you offer. Our customized Google Ads management services involve visually compelling ads and prudent bid strategies that help capture visitors' attention to drive views to build and increase awareness. We use video as the medium for carrying out Google Ads campaigns to develop and boost brand and product awareness, which also plays an important role when you release new products or services or expand to a new area.

images App Promotion

Promote your app among consumers, which will lead to brand awareness and lead generation. With our effective app promotion strategies, you will get more app installs, interactions, and pre-registration for your app. We run effective automated app promotion campaigns displaying ads on the App Store, Google Play Store, Google Search Network, Display Network, other apps, and YouTube.

images Local Store Visits and Promotions

Engage with consumers and prompt them to visit your local store, including restaurants and dealerships. Our prudent Google Ads techniques generate interest among consumers, driving them to visit your local store. And the result is that you get more sales. The campaigns also prompt consumers to visit your website to increase traffic.

images Campaign Without Any Goals

Goals or no goals; TIS always has a Google Ads solution for you. If you are determined to grow your business but are yet to fix a goal for your ad campaign, TIS Digital is here to help you. We discuss with the clients, understand their business objectives, and then suggest the best profitable way of getting more RoI through the paid advertising. We are an expert Google Adwords management company, which knows the ins and outs of Google Ads campaigns. We can assure you of a successful ad campaign.

Google Ads Services on the Offer

Grow Your Business With Our Customized Google Ads Campaign Management Services

With the proliferation of internet-connected devices among more and more people across the world, Google Ads has become one of the most impactful online advertising methods. Reach out to your target audience with our best-in-class Google Ads management services.

Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Spend With Our Powerful Google Ads Campaigns.

images Search Campaign

Search campaigns are crucial ad campaigns to generate leads and drive sales for businesses. Our impactful search campaigns, involving ad copies with call extensions that show near Google search results and Google search partners' sites, help get more leads to convert into customers. Our expert team of Google Ads professionals monitors the progress of your ad campaign to make adjustments to bids, ads, and keywords to engage the traffic to your ads best.

images Display Campaign

Display campaigns enable you to reach a broader audience, which helps you promote your brand to more consumers and generate broader brand awareness. At TIS Digital, we run effective display campaigns showing visually striking ads across the web—online, app, and store—while optimizing your campaign with automated bidding, targeting, and ad creation, aimed at increasing your sales. Our eye-catching display campaigns make your brand stand out in the competition and prompt consumers to buy your business offerings.

images Video Campaign

Video campaigns are strategic displays of your products or services through videos. Implementing a video campaign can be a crucial strategic ad campaign for your business to reach potential customers when they watch or search videos on YouTube. We, at TIS Digital, create interesting video ads to encourage people to purchase your products or services. With video ads, you can prompt people to visit your website so that they can know your business offerings.

images Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaigns involve advertising your eCommerce products on Google Search, Google Images, Google Search partner sites, and Google Display Network. At TIS Digital, we set up and optimize shopping ads to drive more sales, revenue, and hence RoI.

images App Campaigns

App Campaigns involve automated app promotion to display ads on the Google Search Network, the Display Network, Google Play, within other apps, and on YouTube. With vast experience, our expert team effectively manages universal app campaigns, running ads on the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android. Besides, our hand-picked network of quality publishers helps you get a higher number of app installs.

images Local Campaigns

Local campaigns help you to display ads locally on Google Maps and Search. The campaigns enable you to disseminate information about your business to allow consumers to visit your store. Our impactful local campaigns create local awareness about your business to drive store visits. We make it easy for people to visit your store.

images Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns show automated ads on Google, Google Maps, and the web to generate more brand awareness among consumers. At TIS Digital, we run smart campaigns with minimal manual management to drive lead generation for your business. With the campaigns, you can portray your unique selling points to attract customers and showcase your products and services.

images Discovery Campaigns

Discovery campaigns help your brand reach a vast audience across Google feeds to achieve your advertising goals. The campaigns help you deliver inspiring ad messages to prompt consumers to discover and engage with your brand. At TIS Digital, we run visually appealing and personalized discovery campaigns across YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.

Ready to Start Your Google Ads Campaign?

TIS Digital is the best Google Ads company that offers end-to-end solutions for running successful ad campaigns on Google to grow our clients’ business. With a skilled team of experts and long-term experience, we have written success stories for many brands.

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