Any delay in absorbing information from your target audience can affect your brand image and lower engagement rates. Enable your target audience to understand your brand quickly with Instagram advertising services. With high visibility and people interaction, Instagram allows you to propagate your brand among a wide range of people and helps generate leads.

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What is Instagram Ads and Why is it Important?


Instagram ads are the promotional posts businesses create through Facebook Ads to promote their products or services among their target audience. Like other social media channels, companies can run ads on Instagram, making ads appear in feeds, stories, explore, and throughout the social media app. The ads carry more features, like CTA buttons and product catalogues than a standard post. When businesses create Instagram ads, they craft an excellent way to connect their brands with their target audiences. Also, Instagram advertising services for followers can strengthen the bond between businesses and consumers.

How to Get Started With Instagram Ads?

Posting an ad on Instagram is easy. But, you will encounter challenges to make the ad work for your business. So, the best solution is to hire a trusted Instagram advertising agency to run your ad campaign effectively. An Instagram advertising agency can run impactful ad campaigns for your business with a dedicated team conforming to the latest trends. And what is more, the agency can track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and rectify things that go wrong. Instagram ads cost on some factors, like your target audience, the competitiveness of your industry, and the time of running the ads. You can also regard Instagram sponsored ads as paid advertising on Instagram.


Why Should Businesses Implement Instagram Ads in their Marketing Strategy?

Engage Consumers, Generate Leads and Make Your Business Flourish

You need to engage consumers with your brand and generate leads for conversion. Instagram is a perfect social media platform for running your ad campaigns effectively for your target audience. Instagram is a popular and effective social media tool that provides you with ample options to create eye-catching and powerful ads.

Types of Instagram Ads

  • Image ads
  • Stories ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Reels ads

You should choose the ad type that can best serve to attain your business goals. Counted among the best Instagram ads management company, we have a dedicated team of expert and experienced teams to run your Instagram ad campaign successfully.

With our effective IG advertising strategies, we attract potential customers to your ads, which helps you generate leads for conversion. Besides, our expert team will also increase your follower base every month to grow your audience. Again, our expert team conducts an in-depth analysis of the tastes and preferences of your target audience to craft the right ad strategy for your business.

If you want to run Instagram paid promotions, then assess the Instagram advertising costs considering your budget.

The Instagram Ads Services You Can Expect from TIS Digital

images Increasing Website Traffic

At TIS Digital, we run impactful Instagram ads management services to propagate your products or services among your target audience and increase traffic to your website. It means you will get more leads to convert and grow your business.

images Mobile App Installs

Our expert and experienced team take into account the tastes and preferences of your target audience. And the result is that the ads appeal to them, so they are likely to download your mobile app to know more about your business offerings.

images Video Marketing

At TIS Digital, we create eye-catching video ads of 30-60 seconds duration that serve the purpose of video marketing to tell your business story or announce the launch of a new product or service. As a result, our video ads attract more visitors than other modes.

images Website Conversion

We structure Instagram ads to attract consumers and direct them to your website. So, you can get more and more leads for conversion. In the ads, we provide a clear call to action button to enable users to know what action you intend for them.

images App Engagement

Keeping users engaged with your brand is a hallmark of our impactful Instagram ad services. We ensure that your Instagram ads get displayed on your mobile app so that the consumers who download your app can know about your business offerings.

images Brand Awareness

At TIS Digital, we run effective Instagram ad campaigns with driving brand awareness as one of the core objectives. We guarantee to position your ads in eye-catching positions in Instagram’s feed for all kinds of ads to raise brand awareness.

The Types of Instagram Ads on the Offer at TIS Digital

Increase Your Brand Awareness, Generate Leads, Boost Your Sales

At TIS Digital, we run effective Instagram ad management service campaigns with the right mix of ads based on the goals you want to achieve. In addition, we promote Instagram posts with the right strategy to deliver successful ad campaigns. Also, we deliver successful Instagram lead ads.

Here are the typical types of Instagram ads we run at TIS Digital:

images Stories Ads

Instagram story ads are typically full-screen images or video ads that appear between user stories. Usually, the engagement rate is higher due to the complete screen coverage and more impressiveness than in-feed ads. In story ads, you can use photos, videos, and carousels.

images Photo Ads

Photo ads are the most common type of Instagram ads because photo-sharing is the most remarkable and popular feature of the social media channel. With photo ads, businesses can use photos for advertising their brand, products or services.

images Video Ads

Videos are a highly effective medium for businesses to promote their products or services. With Instagram video ads, companies can give users a detailed view of their brand, products, or services. Instagram allows videos to be up to 60 minutes long.

images Carousel Ads

Instagram carousel ads are a sequence of images or videos that users can swipe through the images. Such ads can appear within in-feed and stories of Instagram. Usually, carousel ads bear a call-to-action button to direct users to your website, increasing traffic.

images Collection Ads

Instagram collection ads show products from your catalogue. You can regard such ads as a combination of carousel ads and shopping ads. With these ads, businesses can allow users to purchase products directly from the ad. Usually, collection ads are ideal for eCommerce brands.

images Explore Ads

Instagram explore ads appear in the Explore tab of the social media channel. The Explore tab is an area of Instagram where you can get new content that is tailored to your Instagram usage pattern. These ads appear when you click on a photo or video in the Explore tab.

images IGTV Ads

IGTV ads are video ads that you can see after you click to watch an IGTV video from your Instagram feed. Usually, these videos can be up to 15 seconds long. And they are configured for vertical full-screen viewing.

images Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram allows users to purchase products from within the app. With Instagram shopping ads, you can directly go to a product description page to make a purchase. You need to set up your Instagram Shopping Catalog to run such ads.

Why Choose TIS Digital?

Implement the Right Instagram Ad Strategy to Grow Your Business
TIS Digital is a trusted digital marketing agency that provides the best-in-class Instagram ad management services to help businesses spread their brand awareness and flourish. With expert and highly experienced professionals in our team, we run successful Instagram ad campaigns for businesses. Our effective Instagram ads can help enterprises reach out to their target audiences to successfully promote their products or services.

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