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Increase conversion the smart way by shattering the screen size

Is it becoming a challenge to reach to the tablet and mobile users with your existing web design? You are losing out on a potential market of smartphone and tablet users. This group has already crossed laptop users to emerge as the primary online mode for browsing, shopping, buying, and subscribing.

In order to extend your reach to these people and enhance your visibility online, it is important to have a website design that looks uniforms and performs consistently irrespective of the screen size.

Why should your business adopt responsive web!

Having an optimal viewing experience across screen sizes or device types is no longer an option. Today's mobile-first customers demand a seamless and consistent look and feel whether they view the content from a mobile or from a laptop. This is why you need to embrace the fluid architecture of your site's elements through responsive design.

Every type of purchase decision is today led by a smartphone

Be it information search, content consumption, making online purchases, or responding to a call to action, users accessing internet through mobiles have already surpassed desktop internet users. For your business, this is a potential opportunity that you cannot let go simply because you don't have a mobile- compatible website.

With a responsive web design, your site can target these set of users better, engage with them to great effect, and show them the way to give business to your venture by using their mobile.

Imagine the development costs it would incur if you needed to have a separate design for every type of device

Such business scenarios are simply unfeasible in today's times of shrinking margins and declining user attention spans. This is why your business absolutely cannot do without responsive web design in the present competitive landscape.

With the "do-once-use-everywhere" fluid philosophy of responsive web design you can easily overcome barriers to cost, timing, and development efficiencies. All this without compromising on the stellar user experience site visitors receive irrespective of which device they use to come online to your secure and user friendly site.

60% of web searches now originate from a mobile device

Hence it is no surprise that Google algorithms are increasingly favoring sites that lend a superb user experience on the mobile. This is where responsive web design scores heavily as compared to other sites. A responsive design performs well on the KPIs laid out by Google to denote user friendly mobile design.

  • The text is legible and doesn't require zooming in
  • Sufficient slice is given for buttons, menus, and other elements that need to be tapped
  • Less horizontal scrolling

TIS' responsive web design best practices incarnate these stringent KPIs into every single project. As an outcome your business website gets a ranking signals "thumbs-up" and you are rewarded with better page ranking when your target market queries for your product or services.

Business advantages of going for Responsive Web Design

01 Incredible and consistent user experience

Seamless user experience is key to your revenue generation capabilities. With responsive design you can ensure that all users can avail of a consistent user experience across different screen sizes.

02 No Duplicate Content

Now that you don't need to put up different sites for mobile and for laptops, you don't need to worry about dip in search engine rankings due to duplicate content.

03 Better reach

In order to stay relevant, it is important to capture mobile user attention and keep them riveted. The responsive web design services from TIS lets you do just that.

04 Cost efficient

With one iteration you can reach out to millions of online users regardless of the device they are using. This leads to double savings on costs and time for your business.

05 Incredible visual appeal

With the responsive layout enabled by elements placed in a fluid grid, users get to experience an aesthetically pleasing website even with limited screen real estate on their mobile.

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