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Are you running any business and need a reliable SEO agency in India that can rank your website high in search engine results? Or are you simply looking for a foolproof search engine optimization solution to improve your website's online presence? Don't fret; TIS Digital is the top SEO company that offers tailor-made and industry-focused professional SEO services and cost-effective packages to suit your business needs.

To deliver desired results to our clients, we have a dedicated team of experts who deal with effective SEO strategies such as keyword research, website audits, content marketing, link acquisition, mobile optimization, content optimization, visibility & page speed improvement, etc. Our experts carefully design affordable SEO service packages to deliver meaningful and measurable results for your business.


We also provide industry-specific SEO consulting services and ensure that all the critical aspects of your business and site are properly seen and managed. Our consultants carefully inspect all details of your business websites and conceptualize the best SEO strategy as per your business needs. We also keep our strategies updated with the latest changes and updates in search engine algorithms.

The expertly designed strategies of our top SEO agency enable our clients to become more visible on various digital media platforms and rank higher in search engine results. With our impeccable and result-driven SEO techniques, we do our utmost to make sure that your business appears on the first page of SERP.

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Helping Businesses Grow

Our SEO Solutions Work: We’ve Proven it Over and Over Again


You should remember that a good SEO ranking doesn't come by accident. It requires a lot of things, including a solid optimization strategy, constant efforts, and long-term commitment. However, when you join hands with TIS Digital, a top SEO company, you can expect consistent and good results with easy-to-read analytics.

Countless SEO agencies in India are charging hefty fees, but why pay even a penny when there is no quality traffic or leads involved! Being amongst the best Indian SEO companies TIS Digital’s highly focused search engine optimization services not only focus on keywords and help your target audience find you online but also drive quality traffic to your website. For more than a decade, we have been evolving our strategies, and we’re on the cutting edge of ranking solutions for our esteemed clients.

Our RoI Focused SEO Services

A full set of integrated services to drive your company’s digital growth

images In-Depth Website

Our thorough analysis of the website starts with a competitor analysis, followed by keyword research. By closely examining your business website, our experts will get you on the right track to designing a personalized and industry-focused SEO strategy. This analysis will also help us optimize your website on different levels to get the best results.

images Competitor Analysis

An in-depth competitor analysis can provide you with the best optimization tactics so that you can beat your competition. For example, our top SEO company analyzes up to ten competitors for keywords, strategies, and backlinks and compares their search engine rankings alongside the biggest competitors in the industry. We also search their on-page and off-page activities to streamline our SEO activities.

images Keyword Research

This is a crucial component of a successful SEO campaign. Right keywords focusing on your potential customers mean more opportunities to reach more users. Starting with your competitors' analysis, we gather important information from business owners about their products to find the right keywords for a successful campaign.

images On-site Optimization

Off-page optimization and backlinks acquisition require good optimization of the on-page component. For on-page optimization, it is crucial to optimize with the end-user in mind. Meta tags, images, alt attributes, headings (h1, h2, etc.), content optimization, site loading time, and design consulting are all part of the plan.

images Content Marketing

Content is known as the king of any online business. Our best SEO services makes your business different by providing brand-specific content that gives your potential customers the exact information they're looking for. Strategic content marketing is about more than just connecting with potential leads; it's about building your customer's credibility and presenting your brand as a trusted source for the information.

images Amazon SEO

Take advantage of the growing marketplace of Amazon with our services. The skilled experts of our top SEO agency are capable of offering Amazon SEO services. We manage and optimize your amazon listings, and you get a plethora of services like seller account setup, seller brand setup, amazon account audit, competitor research, listing optimization, review strategies, ppc services, and buy box management.

images Building High-Quality Backlinks

Quality link building is the preferred method for good search engine ranking, and it also requires careful inspection. Unfortunately, most of the previously used link-building strategies are no longer acceptable with recent Google updates and may be penalized by the search engines. Our experts will clean up old, low-quality back-linking and apply the latest linking strategies to improve your SEO organically.

images Reputation Monitoring

Online reputation management (ORM) plays an important role in your online business. Reputation monitoring is the art of managing the perceptions prevalent about a particular business entity or some individuals on search engine result pages, web-based business sites & social media. Our main objective in reputation management is to encourage positive content about your brand rather than generating more traffic.

images Local Search

Local search engine optimization provides more information, phone numbers, directions, etc., in a more friendly way for people searching for related services in your specific area. Our top SEO services company follows the NAP strategy so as to create maximum citations on the web so that your website appears at the top of local search engine results.

images Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is a key performance indicator (KPIs) that measures your current rankings on different search engines like Google and Bing for targeted keywords compared to the past. This is the reason why keyword position tracking has become a key concern among experts. In this way, website owners can recognize the right keywords for their sales efforts.

images Shopify SEO

Our rich domain expertise in Shopify optimization helps us to craft a personalized SEO strategy that’s suited to you and your esteemed customers. Our expert team works on your Shopify site and you get Improved page ranking, smart linking, conversion-focused strategies, innovative analytics & reporting, and online reputation enhancement.

images Traffic Reports

We use Google Analytics and various other advanced tools to monitor your website traffic and its ranking over SERPs continuously. At the end of each month, we also will provide you with a detailed report on the progress of the total organic traffic of your website since the start of your campaign and the ranking compared to the previous month's order.

Dominate in Search Engines Ranking

We assure you that your website get valuable traffic that converts into leads

TIS Digital is the best SEO agency in India that provides multifaceted affordable SEO services. Our experts deliver results from start to finish to improve the value of your business. We also believe that our SEO approach is focused to increase sales, achieve higher search rankings, and enhance your online reputation & brand value. We also want our esteemed customers to rank high in all different search engines, and we use advanced SEO strategies on the latest trends to make that happen.

  • Get full customer support for all plans
  • Get monthly reports tracking search engine rankings.
  • Providing quality content that is as unique as your business.
  • Our advanced SEO works both locally and globally.
  • We take care of your PR professionally & efficiently.
  • From blogging, podcasts, infographics to videos, we can create every content.

TIS Digital is counted among top Indian SEO companies and takes care of your "in-house" operations including PR, SEO, content, analytics, social media, to name a few. Since our establishment, we have worked with thousands of businesses to become proud partners of their success story.

Our primary goal is to achieve high growth for our valuable clients through transparent white hat SEO, creative approach, data-driven goals, innovative ranking methods, and highlighting the individuality of each client. With every algorithm change of Google, we respond quickly, adapt and change our search engine ranking strategies in order to ensure that your site does not lose its visibility. In addition, we offer a wide array of services, with a selection of no-contract plans to suit any budget requirements, while focusing on quality.

Why Choose Us for SEO Services in India

Consistently delivering transformational growth through the best SEO services.

Our top Indian SEO agency has been delivering the best results with reasonable SEO packages; we perform both offline and on-page analyses. The optimization of the website helps in raising the organic ranking and moreover improving the position. Also, we have a team that is steadily evolving as per the business needs and are in possession of the best practices of the industry. Our small business SEO service always works carefully on search patterns, which is the most important part of organic search - essentially what our SEO team does on-page and off-page campaigns.


images Transparent & measurable

We are the only search engine optimization agency that issues report cards on SEO marketing performance every month. We know that our experts have done an excellent job so that we don't hide anything from our clients. We have a detailed reporting mechanism consisting of numbers that are easy to understand. Therefore, our clients can see their site growth every month.

images Constantly Upgraded

Search updates their algorithm quite frequently to offer more specific results to their users. To keep up with the pace, we also upgrade our strategies and methodologies to provide the best return on investment to our clients. Our team of top SEO service experts keeps themselves abreast with the latest Google algorithm updates and the evolution of the search engine marketing niche.

images Well Trained

We are an award-winning SEO company backed by a team of experts. Our Indian SEO agency is counted among trusted companies with well-trained SEO experts and content marketers in-house. Our professionals have decades of knowledge of the latest search engine optimization trends, and they also keep themselves abreast with the latest tools & techniques.

images Multifarious SEO

Counted among the best SEO companies India, we have a team that specializes in different areas of SEO marketing such as ecommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, youtube video SEO, app store optimization, to name a few. Therefore, we have expertise in targeting your potential customer base with many content types so that they can engage with your brand and become your loyal customers.

images Latest Technology

Not only do we use industry-leading SEO tools & techniques to manage all of our search engine optimization campaigns, but we have also built our SEO tools to provide the best solutions to each of our clients. With the help of these advanced SEO tools, we can provide desired results to our customers.

images Quality Services Backed
by Ethics

TIS Digital is a respected name in professional SEO services and is known for ethical approach. We don't guarantee magical overnight top 10 results in SERPs like many other SEO service companies promise (though all our search engine optimization projects have been top 10 in Google). But, we guarantee that with our efforts and strategies, you will be ahead of your competitors.

Explore all of our awards & recognition


Digital Marketing Services FAQs

The SEO term is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of optimizing your website or any other online content to attract organic or unpaid traffic from the search engine results pages of major companies like Bing, Google, and DuckDuckGo. The better your SEO, the higher you appear in search results and the more traffic you are likely to attract.

Search engines display high-quality and relevant websites in their search results based on a search algorithm consisting of up to 200 ranking factors; SEO experts understand these algorithms and ranking factors and optimize websites based on them. In other words, SEO works by improving your website based on ranking factors such as keywords, meta tags, content placement, and backlinks.If you want to know more about social media marketing pricing, feel free to contact us. Our consultants analyse your business and provide you some good social media marketing packages that suit your business needs.

It's important for all businesses-- small or big-- to invest in SEO. It helps companies better connect with users who are actively searching. SEO increases relevant traffic. It increases brand credibility, and SEO services are much cheaper than paid advertising. In addition, SEO is easy to maintain and is a great way to increase brand awareness. Once you start ranking organically for your targeted keywords, it's easy to maintain and attract a steady stream of traffic every month. When done right, SEO marketing can ultimately provide the highest return on investment compared to all other types of digital marketing services.We don't just manage your various social media campaigns. We also spend most of our time analyzing these campaigns. We are always aware of the traffic we receive through our social media platforms. Our team has certified Google Analytics experts skilled in using Google Analytics reports to understand which types of social media campaigns are most effective for specific clients. By identifying various critical points in this way, we can further improve your social media marketing experience.

There are mainly four main types of SEO services available in the market:

  • Technical SEO- This type of SEO ensures that search engines can crawl, explore and read your website or online content without any problems. This includes creating xml sitemaps, creating robots.txt files, and fixing any problems with crawling. Mobile responsiveness & site speed are also important aspects of technical SEO.
  • On-Page SEO- Search engines like Google & Bing rank individual pages, so it is important to optimize every single page of your site. Optimized titles, proper page structure, title tags with targeted keywords, and descriptive URLs will help with on-page optimization.
  • Content SEO - Numerous people contemplate content optimization in conjunction with on-page SEO, but given its value as a ranking factor, we consider it should be mentioned separately. All content on your website should be optimized so as to help your customers on their path to conversion.
  • Off-Page SEO - This is the process of promoting your website online to increase its authority and visibility. You can build your website by acquiring backlinks and brand mentions from authoritative & popular websites.

An SEO company that implements white hat SEO will do the following for your website

  • Conduct a website audit- analyze your existing website content and overall structure
  • Conduct a competitive analysis- identify your website weaknesses and strengths against the competition and develop an SEO strategy for your weaknesses
  • Research keywords- identify specific keywords that will work for your business
  • Optimize on-page SEO factors- make your pages search engine friendly
  • Optimize technical SEO factors- improve your website structure, content, and code. Also, Build backlinks speedy to promote your site
  • Performance monitoring- Monitor SEO performance and share reports regularly
  • Testing- Conduct testing and refine SEO strategies to improve performance.

TIS Digital is a leading SEO company that provides unparalleled SEO services at an affordable price. Through over a decade of experience in this niche, we have mastered the art of search engine optimization (SEO). Our rich domain expertise allows us to achieve the online marketing and SEO goals of our clients in the shortest time as well as at a minimum price. In addition, our affordable SEO services are customized to your specific needs. Our clients can also select from a gamut of SEO packages to suit your business-specific requirements or contact us for a bespoke quote.


We are a leading digital marketing agency in India providing SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaign Marketing, Content Marketing services at best prices to our global clients.

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