WordPress Design Development & Customization Services India


The functionality of WordPress solutions depends on how effectively that match your business needs. With our path-breaking customized solutions, you can meet all your business requirements in the most affordable manner.

Extended functionality

We can expand the properties and features of your website according to your business needs. Whether you desire a special event calendar or want to share a photo gallery with your visitors, we can create perfect plugins at reasonable prices.

Easy customization

WordPress offers you some of the finest content management properties. And with our developers, your website gets the ability to leverage those properties. We develop WordPress solutions ensuring high customization abilities, which allows you to make changes according to daily business needs. This way, the user experience always stays top-notch on your website.

Versatile choices

With us, you can find scalable WordPress features on your website. We include business-oriented categories allowed by the flexibility that WordPress offers. Plus, you can maintain a wide network of multiple websites together.

Comfortable administration

Using WordPress solutions, we make sure that your site stays capable to handle high traffic. Our developers test all aspects of the website before handing over the control to you. The site offers a balanced performance of fast load time and convenient traffic management.

WordPress Development Services

Hire the services of qualified and skilled WordPress developers and present your business to the whole world. Leverage customized and easy-to-use content management system with our WordPress solutions.

Our WordPress development services offer you custom plugin development, web development, WordPress migration, installations, support and much more. We have certified professionals to do the job for you.



"Manage your online presence like never before and gain customer loyalty and brand authority. Our WordPress solutions lead your business right to your customers in the digital world."

Our expert Wordpress development team comprises highly experienced Wordpress certified developers who cater to the biggest brands in the US e-commerce market. We develop high performance user friendly online stores that earn visibility & yield profitability you dreamt of. From Wordpress installation & theme customization to module integration & plugin development; complete automation or overall optimization, we can handle any type of small or large projects with utmost ease to deliver smart e-commerce solutions.

WordPress web

With WordPress web development, TIS enables you to have a strong digital foundation for your business. You would find it relaxing to have our experienced professionals on-board.

Customized plugin development

We can recommend and add valuable plugins to make your website more functional. Your business is analyzed to find a perfect plugin solution that matches your industry and target market needs.


When you desire a smooth and safe migration to WordPress, we can help. Our proven methodology is what you need in order to have a safe transfer to the new CMS system.

Responsive web development

Make your WordPress platform impressive for mobile users and search engines. We help you maintain top-notch user experience on mobile with our responsive web development.

WordPress theme / template development

Impress your customers with a unique look and appeal on your website. We create business-specific, trendy themes and templates for our clients.

Installation and

Installation of the WordPress solutions never proves to be a hassle when are there for you. Our technicians stay ready to support whenever you need.

Why choose Wordpress?

The minds at TIS has seen the world wide web evolving since over a decade and seen it impacting the web businsses. We know what's going to help the new and already businesses. Here are the major differentiators.

Multiple Plugin Scope

WordPress presents the opportunity to obtain multiple features on your website in the form of plugins. The installation of the plugins is possible even after the site development. That too, without interrupting the ongoing functions of your platform. A few clicks and the plugins get installed to enhance the functions. The flexibility of features becomes a great help when your business grows with time. You can get plugins developed whenever your business opens a chance.

Reliable Security

WordPress is considered one of the most secured CMS systems. With an updated website, it is impossible to face breaches or other threatening issues on your platforms. However, it comes down to the developers you select. WordPress experts suggest hiring highly qualified developers because your business needs a well-coded and tested web platforms. Only then, you can enjoy the advanced security offered by WordPress. That is where we come into the picture with our trusted development work.

Easy to Work with

Every business desires easy setup and management facilities of the CMS system. WordPress does that job amazingly. That is why WordPress has gained such a huge popularity all over the world. As a user, you gain easy-to-use traits on your site. We take care of your daily business functions, target customers, and digital goals. This way, you obtain a WordPress solution which keeps you on the top of your game. So, you get more time to focus on other parts of your business.

Cost-effective Development

WordPress presents advanced development opportunities for our developers. Being experienced, our professionals plan the most cost-effective path for WordPress development for clients. The flexibility of an existing WordPress site enables us to add more features and updates without requiring too much investment. Plus, our developed platform will help you grow your business online in the future. You can simply get the additional features on the site we develop.

Customized Themes

Themes are the designs that give a unique appeal or look to your WordPress site. With this CMS system, you obtain the ability to get customized themes, which present your business in the best possible manner. Our developers know the importance of brand differentiation. Hence, they develop customized themes that meet your business goals and consumer's expectations. Along with that, you receive the ability to shift and upgrade the appeal of your site whenever required.

How our Wordpress development
services make a difference

Get impressive results by hiring us for WordPress development

Present your business in the digital world with TIS's WordPress development services. Improve user experience, get incredible site appeal and beat all your competitions online.

Wordpress Enterprise:

  • Targets mid-large size businesses.
  • Licensed but paid Wordpress ecommerce solution
  • CSuited for both B2B & B2C businesses with full capabilities to drive sales & growth.
  • Comes pre-packed with enterprise class features

Wordpress Community

  • Targets developers & techsavvy merchants
  • Licensed open source Wordpress ecommerce solution
  • Most suited for B2C & requires 3rd party add-ons for
  • B2B One can modify the code & even contribute to it for support & guidance.

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